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Wedding planning

A wedding is a special day where everything must be perfect. It’s important to consider every detail, from the invitations to the seating arrangements. Organizing a wedding is a very time-consuming and nerve-racking business. To ensure that the entire event went according to plan and nothing should mar the happiness of the young people, it is worth trusting the professionals. In this case the holiday will be wonderful and full of only happy and touching moments.

With the company can organize a wedding on a turnkey basis in Europe or the UAE.

With what begins the organization of the wedding?

Organizing a wedding with what to start – this is a question many newlyweds ask themselves. If the event is carried out by their own forces, the couple faces a whole list of tasks. Step by step wedding organization includes the selection of options for banquet venues, off-site registration (if planned), hiring musicians, presenters, photographer, concluding a variety of contracts and contracts.

Organizing and conducting weddings with the help of professionals is not as troublesome. In this case, many things are placed just on the shoulders of the manager.

Professional wedding organization – what does it include?

If it is decided to order the organization of the wedding on a turnkey basis, the newlyweds are first of all interested in what exactly this service represents. Cooperation with the agency begins with a meeting at which all the nuances of the future celebration are discussed:

The theme, the mood, the desired color scheme – if the newlyweds have no ideas or there are too many of them and they contradict each other, the specialist will help to choose the best solution that will suit a particular couple;
The number of guests;
Desire regarding the venue, the program, and so on.
After that, experts find a place for the celebration, make seating arrangements, planning the decor of the hall, conclude contracts with florists, photographers, videographers and so on. Studio “RECEPTION” has established cooperation with professionals from different spheres. The organization of weddings takes place without any hitches.

How much does it cost to organize a wedding?
Services for weddings organization company “RECEPTION” provides the highest level. For each couple develops its own scenario, each holiday is completely unique. Getting married and the celebration associated with this event is a very individual matter. Some couples want a nice romantic wedding for a limited circle of the closest people, while others, on the contrary, want to share their joy with more people. In this regard, the price for the organization of the wedding is determined individually, after a conversation with a specialist and clarification of a number of important nuances.

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