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Wedding host

A professional wedding host is the organizer of all wedding events, toastmaster and entertainer in one person. He should have competently delivered speech, be able to quickly find a way out of situations that are not according to the script. The originality and success of the event depends a lot on his abilities. The leading wedding presenter in Moscow with all the listed abilities is on staff of RECEPTION agency.

The best wedding presenters.
The service of agency leading wedding party price is stipulated by the client in advance and is offered on formal contractual basis. The client is presented with several candidates to choose from. He can get acquainted with each in person in the format of an interview and test with regard to his requests. In any case, it will be exclusively the best wedding presenters, having:

Mastery of professional actors.
Proven hands-on organizational skills.
Extensive experience in holding similar events.
The key to the success and originality of the event will be a wedding script for the host. He will be made in advance by professional directors of high level celebrations, taking into account all the requirements of the customer. There are in the staff of the agency RECEPTION.

Selection criteria
For the entire duration of the wedding celebration, the presenter becomes the “closest” person to the newlyweds and their parents. Clients of the agency have the opportunity to choose the best of the capital’s TOP wedding presenters. The criteria for self-selection:

Male or female.
Are there positive reviews for the wedding presenter (presented on the website agency).
Experience and skills.
And the obligatory question of customers – how much does the presenter for a wedding ultra-class. The price is calculated individually and takes into account the following parameters – the location of the celebration (EU countries or the UAE), the number of guests, the specifics of the organization (restaurant, open space, the original location). The final cost is discussed with the client and adjusted according to his wishes.

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